About me:

Wanna know more about me do ya??
Well alrighty than! Lets get to it!

I'm Morland L. GERONIMO Brawner.

 My family has always called me Ronimo. Because when I was born my aunt couldn't remember my name (Morland) so she resorted to calling me Ronimo! And it stuck! My grandparents on one side call me Baby Lee and my grandma on my dads side calls me Morla-May. Alex calls me Sugar! Nathan and Sydney call me Momma!

I am a momma to Nathan and Sydney. Married to Alex! My heart is full of love for those three! Alex is the type of guy who can fix anything, he never stops amazing me with how handy he is. I'm so forgetful, and am ALWAYS misplacing things like my camera, keys and phone. Being late is a pet pev of mine.

I'm a born and raised Southern California girl. I'll never leave this beautiful land! I bought my first home 7 minutes aways from my child home (where my parents still live) I love all things water the BEACH, the RIVER, the LAKE. Boating is a part of me, it feeds my soul.

I blog for sanity, for love, for freedom, for creative inspiration and for sharing. I THRIVE on the comments from other moms out there just like me. I love knowing my projects inspired someone else, that my mommy moments are felt by others, amd that I AM NOT ALONE in this crazy journey of motherhood.

My happy little family


Husband Alex

My root based family