Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring has Sprung

I love days like today.
I went for a run this morning with my dog, while my parents played with the kiddos.
Nathan and I shared an icee while getting my car washed.
We went to the park with friends to play at the spraygrounds.
Took a nap.
And now I'm making a colorful fajita dinner.
With guacamole, salsa, rice and beans.
While Alex wears Sydney in her new native
Watching Nathan drive his John Deere around.
It's a prefect day is sunny San Diego.
So it was a little warm but prefect non the less!
All in all a wonderful day.
I love it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Locks of love

Yesterday I
Mopped my floors.
Did two loads of laundry.
Had lunch with my mom.
Donated a foot of my hair.

All my life I've had long, thick, curly hair
. By long I mean always a good few inches below my shoulders.
 Let's just admit it up front, I have chubby checks!
Always had those also.
That's why I've never cut my hair short,
 it just makes my face seem 10x chubbier!
When I was pregnant with Nathan my hair grew like wild flowers in an open meadow!
It was outta control from those prenatal vitamins!
And when he was 3 months old I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love.
It left my hair just past my shoulders,
 the shortest it had ever been.
I cried as I drove home because my face looked so chubby,
but it was done, so why cry?
I did a selfless thing.
 I just kept telling myself that.
And of course my hair grew back.
I even started to like it shorter.

Now after a year on prenatal vitamins again my hair was long.
This long...

So I worked up the courage and donated it again!
It was easier this time, because I know in a few short months it will be longer.
I gave 12 inches, yup a whole ruler! 
 I feel great about it.
 Someone out there will be so happy to get that hair.
And when I straighten my hair,
 I think I really might actually like it!

See Sydney? She slept just like that the whole time!

Monday, March 28, 2011


The bedroom redo is underway!
I'm hunting and gathering things for it,
I have a floor plan laid out in my head
But I'll probably play with it some more.
I've decided on grey walls, just have to find the right grey!

Here is my 1st teal bedroom accessory!
I picked this baby up at JoAnns for 80% off in the clearance section.

There were two screws in the back so I though
Just unscrew those puppies pop the flower off
spray paint it, re screw.

Yeah well that baby was SUPER DOPER glued down!
Alex even broke a petal off trying to get it free...

So we ended up just taping it off and spray painting!
Worked fine, just took a little longer!
Oh and I hot glued the petal back on!
She is now waiting for her time to shine in my bedroom!

The bedding is in the works also!
I figure that if I do a few "knots" each night
It should be done by Easter.
Easter is my goal.

I'm considering hosting my families Easter Celebration this year.
It would be my first holiday hosted for them!
I've hosted Christmas the past few years for my in lawed family.
I think if I host it will giving me more incentive on the spruce up!
Who knows though because I already fell like my plate is rather full!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My 1st "Quilt"

I saw this bunting quilt in blog land and decided it would be my first attempt at making a quilt!

This is from this amazing blog She has some awesome stuff on her site! I have a few other things of hers book marked for a nap filled afternoon! She made hers a crib size quilt. I wanted mine to be a picnic/tummy time sized quilt so we could get more use out of it. With no further ado here is my bunting quilt

Can you tell that blue is my favorite color? And that I'm loving polka dots right now? ;)
 I'm really happy with the way it came out!

Have you ever made a quilt?
 I'd love to see pictures of your creations!!

As I write this post Alex is working on a photo wall in our living room. I'm loving the arrangement...he is wishing it required less measuring! But oh is it going to be beautiful! Look forward to tomorrows post about it! And yes if you are wondering my way of being helpful is indeed sitting on the couch blogging and taking pictures!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Re-Vamped Lamp

I've been looking high and low for the right sized lamp for Sydneys room.
Not too big, not too small
just the right size for those midnight diaper changes and feedings
After months of searching I came acrossed this baby for $1.50 at the Salavation Army!
Sweet I'll take her! (I even picked up two other lamps that day, photos later)

(Yes I took this photos in the back of my car,
 I didn't want to waste any time the babies were sleeping gotta get crafty fast!)

She isn't much to look at, but I had a vision!
Spray paint always helps!
After a few coats of blue spray paint!

lookin better already!
Then I wasn't sure if I wanted to cover the shade in pink rosessets or eyelet lace...
Alex was the one who made the call, because I'm so indecisive!

I love the way it turned out!
 I'm thinking about adding a trim at the top, maybe blue or pink wrapped around and tied off with a bow???
Input please....

Rain rain go away

Meet Nathan

He is the definition of an outdoors men
It is pouring rain on this gloomy day in San Diego
Yet he seems to not even notice...

I remember how I used to love to play in the rain as a child.
Oh the simply joys!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where art Thou....

So I'm kinda a clean freak...
But it's not my fault!
I was raised by a clean freak, who was raised by a CLEAN FREAK!
So as you can see it runs in my blood!
I just can't help it!
I need things to be clean!
Recently however my vacuum as decided that SUCKING is not what it wants to do
So.... it just pushes dirt around, rather than picking it up
Sooooo not ok when you have an acre of dirt, plus a dog and a two year old boy!
Needless to say my floors end up with a lot of dirt!
I need a vacuum to do it's job! Cuz I vacuum A LOT!

So after lots of research I ordered  this baby!
The Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Vacuum Cleaner!
And boy am I excited for her arrival!
She was suppose to be here today,
I left the gates open and waited
And waited, and waited.
She never came.
(Picture me with a VERY sad look on my face.)

Hopefully she comes tomorrow, because lord knows my floors need her.

On a less boring, house wife note
I started my new bedding!
I'm gong to attempt this anthro knock off bedding!

Wish me luck I'm gonna need it!

But isn't it just lovely!
I FINALLY am putting some effort into the master bedroom!
It is just plain yuck right now!
After getting the whole house decorated,
to an acceptable amount
(there is still so much I want to do and change)
I never ended up putting any effort into the master.

It was just the last room to be finished construction wise
and I never got around to decorating it,
Until now!
Stay turned I'm going to post pictures of it right now
(once I find my lost camera, have you notice I seem to misplace things often)
and do a step by step of the transformation!
It'll be slow, but fun!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hooded Animal Towels

Nathan loves animals
Anything with a tail he is all about!
Our dog Duke...his all time best friend!

He also loves water!
The lake, the beach, pools, baths
any form of water and he is there!

So why not dry my soaking wet fish off in style right!
Behold the hooded animal towels my son sports!
(all momma made of course!!)

Hooded worked out perfectly
keeps him warm
and serves as the head of the animal!

And for when Sydney is ready to hit the sand

Which one is your favorite??
Would you use these with your kids??
Or am I a total nerd??

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Million miles an hour....

Sorry for the lack of posts!
Things have been pretty busy around here.
Duke (our pound pup) seems to have found an escape route,
And leaving at least once a day.
Alex is combing the property as I write (and nurse)
looking for the means of exist.

I have TONS of projects going right now.

I'm like that I see something I want to make
And start it that day.
The bad thing is that ends in having numerous projects going at once!
Not so good, but great all at once!
The Salavation Army and Estate sales were GREAT to me this week!
Resulting in my mind running wild with ideas....
And numerous half finished projects!

I'm determined to finished at least 3, maybe even 4 of those projects this week.
Of course I'll blog about them for you! ;)
So have faith the post bus will start rolling again!

Back soon with beautiful finished craft...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I mentioned in a previous post that I love vintage linens.
I pick them up at garage sales, estates sales and the swap meet.
But since they are old some of them have stains or holes.
Some stains are removable, and some aren't.

This practical linens stain was not removable.
But it is still super cute and had potential!
So I bought it and put it in the drawer!
This week I  decided it would make a cute little girl apron!

 (Ok sorry for the ghetto-ness
I cant for the life of me figure out why they are uploading that way.) 

It's already stained so if it gets dirty in the kitchen its fine!
And the beautiful stitched girls that someone worked so hard on years ago,
Get a second chance at life!

Someday Sydney will "help" momma in the kitchen wearing this!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lost Keys?

I can't be the only mom who is ALWAYS misplacing her keys??
Or is always trying to stuff them I her back pocket, with her phone and debit card.
Or am I?
Well either way that's how things usually go for me,
my keys are either lost in my bottomless Mary Poppins diaper bag, or stuffed in my pocket!
And that's not even mentioning the black hole that seems to eat my keys at home!
So I decided to make a "mini landerd" if you will.
A wristlet for my keys, so I can just slip my keys on my wrist while I run those quick errands that do not require a diaper bag.

Here it is!

Here's to hoping this makes those quick trips errands with two kids easier!
p.s. the hubbster is thirlled to pull this cutie out of his pockect when he drives my car! :)

Sydneys Saint Patricks Day

First of all you should know that my husband has red hair!
And his mom used to dress him up for Saint Patricks Day!
My mother in law really enjoys this holiday
because of the fond memories she has of dressing him up!
So  Nathans 1st Saint Patty Day I put him in the same suspenders!
(this was the March photo in my photo calendar! So cute!)
Last year got away from me and I didn't get a cute St Patties Day photo. Bummer!
This year I get to dress up two babies for a photo opt for my mother in law!
This is what Sydney will be sporting on Thursday!

It totally makes me smile!
I had to hand sew that mini hat!
I'm not a huge fan of hand sewing, but this was totally worth it!
(P.s. these photos were taken last week before the horrible sickness set in)

And Nathan was not to interested in smiling for mama!
But here ya go anyways...

And now for every mamas favorites
The two babies together!!
Poor Sydney these two were today.
Look how sad she looks.
Happy Saint Patricks Day everyone!