Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've been learning to use my camera on manual lately...
It's a learning process...

I'm really enjoying, messing with the settings and learning about it.
Do any of you have a fancy camera?
Any suggestions on learning to use the manual settings?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Raspberries Raspberries Raspberries...

Yup Raspberries...They are going very well so we are trying to find ways to use them!
Since I'm nursing I need to drink lots of water,
which sometimes just gets a little plain.
So I decided to make raspberry ice cubes.
Ya know to add a little flavor to my H2O every once in a while.
Nathan picked this bucket of berries,

then we put two berries in each cube
added water and froze!

Behold my new flavored ice!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Night Stand

In our room redo things have been moved around, and moved out of the room.
All this rearranging left Alex with no night stand.
No good since we both always go to be with drinks and our Ipad/Ipod!
So he needed one.
He picked this up off the side of the road for free a few weeks back.

It is real wood which is always a must for our funiture projects.
I had just been telling my mother in law how I felt like I needed a brightly colored piece of funtire,
this was the prefect exuse!

I used left over yellow paint (from the playroom mural)
It was the usual clean, remove hardware, sand, paint, repaint!

Bought some simple black knobs at Home Depo.
Alex says that it will help to wake him right up each morning!
So it's a little bright,
 oh well!
 It was free and I like a little sha-bam every once in awhile!
It's just paint! lol!

Oh the drawers are actaully not my paint job.
I let Nathan paint them since he showed such an interest in painting
(read about his paint experiment here)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sydneys Name Banner

Sydneys name banenr. Made from burlap, satin ribbon and fabric srcaps from her bedding.

It was actaully hard than I thought it was going to be.
Cutting out those letters, tying to make them look good and all about the same size took me awhile
! If you have a fancy machine then it would be a very simiply project!

I just drew the letters on the fabric with pencil, then cut them out.
Pretty old school!
I cut 6 squares of burlap all the same size and then stichted one letter to each piece of burlap!
I sew'd as close to the edge as I could so it would have just a small touch of natural fray!
 I also stiched around the burlap.
Then I laid them out on the floor the spacing I wanted them
(after we measured the wall where it would hang)
pinned the ribbon and stitched.

To hang it we used to glass knobs,
similar to the ones that are on her dresser,
again its all in the little details!
Then I hung this little pink bird on the knob to keep an eye on her while she sleeps.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sydneys Crib Bedding

Momma made with love just for my little Sweet Pea!

I followed a tutorial online that I can no longer find the link for,
 but I noticed the package for the foam bumpers had instructions on it also.
The cording was an added touch because I felt like it need a little more color.
 I didn't use any of the "love birds" prints because crib bedding doesn't get used long!
 The skirt is a simple linear print with lots of colors in it,
all coordinates to the "Love Birds" prints used in the curtains.
The bumper is a pink and white polka dot,
 the trim is blue,
and the bows are chocolate brown!
I didn't make the sheets because it's easy enough to find sheets in any color to match...

Whatch think?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Around these parts we are learning our colors...
With a little book case color coding...

a little coloring...

a little reading..

and whatever else we can come up with!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sydneys Room Tour

Sydneys fabric:
I wasn't really in love with any of the bed sets out there for girls,
and the ones I did love where way too over priced.
So I decided to go to the fabric district in LA with my aunt to look for fabric for Sydney.
I went up there totally open minded.
I had no clue what I wanted or what directions I wanted to go.
All I knew was that I didn't want a pink room!
The walls of her room where chocolate brown,
but paint was something the hubby said he would change if I wanted.

I came back with this as the main prints for her room.
It set the tone!
I loved it!
It had so many colors in it and was so sweet,
yet something I felt she could grow with.

it is Dena Designs Leanika Love Birds Collection

The pictures don't do it justice!
The colors are so vivid, the print it so sweet, 
I LOVE it!
I also got this one that I have not used yet...
maybe for bedding when she gets a big girl bed!

It worked well because it had pinks (which Alex wanted),
blue my favorite color,
browns so we wont have to paint
and then they other colors would give me wiggle room with decor and accents!
It was prefect!

I made her curtains with the top pictured print.
Since it was a vertical print it was easy to work with!
I lined it with "white black out lining" that I picked up at JoAnns.
It was pretty simply to do after I watched a few tutorials on You Tube!

Then we picked up these leaf curtain rods  on clearacne at Lowes to tie it all in!
It's the little details that make a room!

She has two windows which allows a lot of the fabrics print to show.
I sewed them just longer than the window,
although I like the look of floor length it is just not practical for a kids room.

Next room post is the coordinating bedding, stay tuned!!
It is also made my me with coordinating fabrics I got in LA that day!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I picked up this LOVELY thing at a thrify store a while back.

I was all execited about it because it is so strudy and heavy and was cheap!
Alex, who can usually see the underlaying beauty in things was not impressed with this one!
 lol oh well!
I want a Cracker Barrell style porch one day lined with white rockers,
potted herbs and flowers, a porch swing and a view of my kids playing!
for now I'll start with one rocker...