Monday, June 11, 2012

Sugar Cookies anyone?

Yup folks that is my obsession of the moment! What a horrible thing to become obsessed with during summer, right! Well, it's not so much the sugar cookies that I'm obsessing over, it's royal icing! I love the look of cookies decorated with royal icing! I have lofty dreams of being that mom who sends the coolest cookies and cupcakes to school for birthdays and parties! Like these

Now wouldn't you have though "geez my mom rocks" walking into your 2nd grade classes Christmas party with those bad boys!

So I set out to make some sugar cookies with royal icing. After reading lots of blogs about it, most of which said that royal icing is a royal pain until you get the hand of it, I baked my cookies, made my icing and set out. Turns out it really wasn't too hard at all! I was fully excepting to get annoyed and call it quits. But nope, I must have had the cookies Gods on my side because it went really well! I was thrilled! All I made was blue stars, starting small folks, but I have BIG plans!

Have you ever worked with royal frosting? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks. Well I'm off to online shop for cookie cutters! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day! We're just home from swim lessons, and a picnic lunch at the park! Kids are napping, mommas online shopping!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Working on me

Can I just say that summer colds suck! Yup! I've been hit with one heck of a summer cold. And my sweet little S has yet another ear infection that poor little girl. Now I get why she gets so cranky, being sick sucks, especially when it's hot out. So from now on I'm going to be 100% sympathic toward her. She gets so cranky and hard to deal with at times, but it's not her fault. And I know that, and I'm working on it. And while we're on the topic I'm going to just work on my patients over all. I need to be slower to anger, slower to snap, more understanding, more sympathic. I've come to the realization that my kids are always going to do things, and it's my reaction that builds their character. Well that's not true, I've known that all along. But I lost sight of it in the craziness that has been the past 18 months. But I've re-relalized this, and my attitude is going to change due to it. My kids deserve the best, and I'm going to do my best to give that to them. But in doing so I need to work on myself. In working on myself, I've decided to try and taking my sewing to a new level. My etsy shop has eleven items, in it and 14 more waiting to be photographed and posted. My goal was to have 40 items in it by Friday, but then I was hit by this horrible cold and spent all day yesterday in bed slepping. So I hope to convince S to model a few items this afternoon and post those 13 items this evening after the kids are in bed. So I can settle for thirty items. Check them out, it's all girls items and maybe next week we'll add a few boyish items. Any suggestions on how I can promote my shop? I need to be selling those designs. So any promotional help you can provide would be loved and greatly appreciated! Well I think this post has been scatter brained enough for one day. Sorry about that! I'm going to go photograph some skirts for the shop!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Summer!

How is your summer going? Mine is going great! I won't lie though, while things are great we have hit a few rough patches over the past few months. Nothing to bring us down!

I"m currently working on filling up my etsy shop! It's about time right! I hope/pray/dream of become mildly successful in the world of etsy. I'd love to be about to help supplement our income, even just a little is better then nothing right! And what better way then doing something that I love, and I'm decently gifted at?! My goal is to have 40 items in my shop by the end of the week. So have I have twenty dresses made, eleven of which S has modeled and are posted! Hopefully my little diva will be in a modeling mood today!

As side from working to fill the shop with my hopes and dreams, we have been enjoying the lovely sunshine and summer weather lately! Pools, water parks, bike riding, beach camping. It's been a great start to summer! The kids are both at an age where they can play together outside which makes it so much fun for both of them! They are really playing well together and enjoying it, which is SO nice to witness!

Well it looks like my pictures are uploading side ways again! So annoying! I'll work on it and upload some soon~