Monday, July 11, 2011

Bird gotta eat too...

I mean they need to food just as much as the next living thing!
And it just so happens that we have a bird bath so why not a bird feeder right?
 Nathan loves to watch birds...
So we got a humming bird feeder.
We filled it up and were ready to hang it...

Rather then getting a ladder
Alex thought this was an easier way to hang it...

In case you can't tell what he is standing on because of the shadows here is a better view...

Seems smart huh!
Yeah I thought so too!
Men are so silly!

But the birds now have food,
no falling took place,
 the picnic (arts & crafts table) was returned to it's normal location
 and my side table project was unharmed.

A win, win, win, win!

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