Monday, June 11, 2012

Sugar Cookies anyone?

Yup folks that is my obsession of the moment! What a horrible thing to become obsessed with during summer, right! Well, it's not so much the sugar cookies that I'm obsessing over, it's royal icing! I love the look of cookies decorated with royal icing! I have lofty dreams of being that mom who sends the coolest cookies and cupcakes to school for birthdays and parties! Like these

Now wouldn't you have though "geez my mom rocks" walking into your 2nd grade classes Christmas party with those bad boys!

So I set out to make some sugar cookies with royal icing. After reading lots of blogs about it, most of which said that royal icing is a royal pain until you get the hand of it, I baked my cookies, made my icing and set out. Turns out it really wasn't too hard at all! I was fully excepting to get annoyed and call it quits. But nope, I must have had the cookies Gods on my side because it went really well! I was thrilled! All I made was blue stars, starting small folks, but I have BIG plans!

Have you ever worked with royal frosting? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks. Well I'm off to online shop for cookie cutters! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day! We're just home from swim lessons, and a picnic lunch at the park! Kids are napping, mommas online shopping!

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  1. Someone else is using your cupcake picture as their own. It's on this website