Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Summer!

How is your summer going? Mine is going great! I won't lie though, while things are great we have hit a few rough patches over the past few months. Nothing to bring us down!

I"m currently working on filling up my etsy shop! It's about time right! I hope/pray/dream of become mildly successful in the world of etsy. I'd love to be about to help supplement our income, even just a little is better then nothing right! And what better way then doing something that I love, and I'm decently gifted at?! My goal is to have 40 items in my shop by the end of the week. So have I have twenty dresses made, eleven of which S has modeled and are posted! Hopefully my little diva will be in a modeling mood today!

As side from working to fill the shop with my hopes and dreams, we have been enjoying the lovely sunshine and summer weather lately! Pools, water parks, bike riding, beach camping. It's been a great start to summer! The kids are both at an age where they can play together outside which makes it so much fun for both of them! They are really playing well together and enjoying it, which is SO nice to witness!

Well it looks like my pictures are uploading side ways again! So annoying! I'll work on it and upload some soon~

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