Friday, February 18, 2011

Cha Cha Changes!

My new sewing station is nearly completle! Yay yay yay! Just need to create a few finishing touchs and move into it! Then I'll post pictures I'm so excited to show it off! I'll do a whole post on it, cuz I'm that in love! It's going to make my HUGE list of projects easier to accomplish!

Speaking of that.... my project list is HUGE! But I'm so excited about them all! I'm having trouble deciding where to start with! I recently picked up fabric to cover Sydneys rocker, have the red wing chair (that is so out or place color wise) recovered with beautiful fabric, make Nathan an upholstered bed board for his new full sized big boy bed, and curtains to cover his closest opening, since doors were out of the budget during the remodel. So I'm looking forward to getting those things done soon. Sydney's rocker is almost finished. I'll show your her beautiful room soon also!

I also plan to tackle the playroom. I'm going to bring in new furniture pieces, hopefully get Nathan starting to organize toys with color bins and baskets, and make it less boyish more gender neutral! But I'll admit I love that room just close the door and most of his toys and mess is hidden! Most!

I really want to do the living room and the master bedroom also. I feel like those are the two eye sores of our house. But I don't really know how I to plan to fix them just yet. Each are presented with lay out challenges. So once most of the smaller projects around the house are complete I'll tackle those two rooms! Hopefully in that time ill come across some fun solutions and decorating ideas.

This is going to become a creative outlet for me! I'm excited to post pictures of my projects as I finished them! Stay tuned its going to be fun!

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