Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time Out

Nathan is two. A sweet, wonderful, fun loving, adventurous two year old little boy.

Don't get me wrong we have our battles, like all parents of two year olds. Right?
All small typical boy things I'm sure. But sometimes ah it's just too much and all I can do to keep from a flood of emotions is just laugh. One day I'll look back and think "I miss thoses days, they were so great" and remember all the funny things he did.
Today however was a slightly difficult day, one where he wanted to do his own thing and not bother with right and wrong. A day that involved time outs.

Yup time outs on that darn "time out" chair, he hates that chair! But he knows to sit and stay until he is told go get up. Usually after being released from his time out he knocks the chair over. And ever time he is told to pick it up or it's back to time out.

Today however he showed momma how smart he is. He sat in time out and got up without knocking the chair over. He grabbed his tool box full of plastic tools and one mini (real) screw drive daddy bought him. He took his tools over and proceded to say "momma I fix it I fix it" nothing unusual he always "fixes" things for momma.

But then a few minutes lagers as i went to check on him....

Yup! He had actually taken the chair apart! He showed me how he felt about that pesky time out chair!


  1. Bah Ha Ha! Totally the funniest story! Love it Morland!

  2. Funny! I know it'll be a struggle sometimes but I can't WAIT for Greyson to be able to do those things!