Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother Son Day

Yup I'm still kicking, although you wouldn't guess it based on  the ghost town my blog has become! Sorry! This happened last year too. As soon as the weather gets nice, my crafting and blogging seem to slow waaayyy down. And boy is it gourgoues outside lately! 

Last week I took Nathan to Disneyland with my aunt and cousin, who happens to be Nathans age! It was a mother son day and it was great! Those boys can be so well behaved when they want to be! They got along great and wanted to ride all the same rides! We had a great trip and I'm so happy I got to spend some alone time with Nathan. It was much over due.

Can you believe they are only 6 weeks apart!

I made Nathans Mickey shirt! He loves it, he actually even wore it today! I'll post about it in depth another day!
All in all Disneyland was a great day!

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