Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Dress!

Hey guys sorry I missed yesterday! I swear I have 4 unpublished K.C.W.C. projects! It's crazy trying to get them done and modeled and then blogged all in one day! But I'm loving the progress I have made this week, guess that's the point right?! 

So still unpublished are two dresses that I have yet to buttonhole. It really sucks that my normal machine is such a pain in the a** when it comes to buttons. It's turns projects that are 98% done into projects that sit on my sewing desk for months then by the time I get around to finishing them they have out grown it. But I promise I'll get those buttons done, cuz I love the fabrics I used for both dresses! 

Today's dress needs a minor stitch in the v neck but other then that I really like it! I love the simplicity of it, Plus it's super soft because the white bodice portion is made from one of my old spaghetti strap undershirt. You all know you've got 'em too! This photo from Pinterest was my inspiration for the dress, I love how it was cute and simple, let the girl be the one that draws your eye not the dress!

This one is more gathered at the waist, I totally winged mine. No measurements were taken for this dress, totally guessed my way thur it while Sydney was sleeping. I think I'll make around, a bit longer this time and with a better V!

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