Monday, July 23, 2012

Nip & Tuck Pants to shorts

Geez kids really do grow like weeds! No really Nathan is getting taller by the second! How is it possible that my 42inches tall little man was just a newborn a mere 3.5 years ago?

Recently it seems as though all the shorts we bought for summer are getting too short! So rather then buy new shorts, I started looking through his pants from last winter. Lord knows those would be waiting for the flood of the century come this winter! See the thing about Nathan is he's a bean pole, tall and skinny! 2Ts totally still fit his waist, they're just way too short. So why not take his old pants, and preform a little nip & tuck!?!

First I found the longest pair of shorts Nathan owns, better to be too long, then too short! I laid the shorts on top of pants, then made my cut about an inch below the shorts end.

Then I sergered the ends were I made my cut, if you don't have a serger don't worry just fold and iron twice so the hem is folded and not exposed.

Then with pants (shorts) inside out I folded the leg up about 3/4 an inch and ironed. Be sure you do both legs the same, and that your iron line is straight!

Now stitch! I went around each leg twice.
But the stitch is right on top of the first so you can hardly tell.

And you're done!
Don't you love instant gratification!!
They look great!
And now Nathan has one more pair of shorts for the summer, that were headed to the Goodwill!

P.s. For those of you who are interested about the owl cookie jars from yesterdays post. The white one is the $90 anthro and the brown/tan one is the $8 1980 swap meet score. I honestly think I might be liking the brown one on my counter now too! Which do you like more?

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