Friday, May 27, 2011


Last weekend Alex decided that he wanted to take Nathan to his first movie!
They went to see African Cats! Nathans choice!
We showed him the trailers for African Cats and Rio,
not surprising he choice African Cats!
He loves lions, tigers and such so of course he picked it!
He last 2/3rds of the movie before Alex had to give him snacks to sit still!
They watched the whole thing!
He came home to tell me all about lions!
It was a success!

While the boys were learning about Africa,
Sydney and I were learning about the beauty of pretty toes!
I decided to use a gift card I had for a pedicure!
Of course Sydney was the hit of the nail salon
and all the women working there wanted to paint her toe nails too!
Why not!
Be hold,
the best they could do with a little one who is always moving!

All her movement rubbed a lot of it off before it could dry!
Oh well there is always next time!

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