Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm wearing a table cloth mom!!

My aunt recently gave me a vintage table cloth
that she came a crossed while cleaning out a family members home. 
Sorry for the lackof a before photo I forgot before I cut it up!

I looked at it and saw a cute little Easter dress for Sydney!

This is what it became!

It is 100% the table cloth, minus the rickrack trim and zipper!
I used a Simplicity Pattern for Newborns.
Yeah Sydney is 4 months old, but she is really small!
I really had to plan out the layout before I cut so it would line up nice in the end.

Too bad it is like WAY too big for her!
There is no way a newborn would fit into this thing!
The pattern designers at Simplicity must have big babies! 
Oh well she will grow in to it!


  1. Sooooo cute!!! Love it.

  2. yeah yeah sure, I'm sure you forgot to take a before picture... I think you bought it! lol no I'm kidding. But seriously it looks like something you could buy, you did so good!