Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Time!

Is amazing what plants are capable of when you actually water them!
We are starting our 3rd summer here.
Each year I feel like I have become that much better at gardening!

Nathans Pumpkins Plants!

Yummy Avocados!

These plants have gone WILD on our bank!
They are huge and apparently re root themselves as they grow bigger!
I'm not complaining I love raspberries!
And we are going to have tons!
They are all over the bank and we just planted
raspberries, boysenberries, and grape plant along the back fence!

As you can see our yard is in full bloom!
We are so blessed to have so much food growing here!
Nathan loves to pick it!
We have limes, oranges, grape fruits, tangerines, and apples also!
Plus an herb garden!
It is so fun for me to ask Nathan to go out and get a lime for salsa,
lemons for lemon aide,
basil for pasta, tomatoes for salsa,
peas for salads!
He feels so proud and its just so healthy and fun!
I never thought I would like "gardening" as much as I do!
Ok Ok Honestest time...
most of these things are on timers and watered daily for me!
But still!
They are in my yard!!
So I can take some credit...

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