Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sydneys Name Banner

Sydneys name banenr. Made from burlap, satin ribbon and fabric srcaps from her bedding.

It was actaully hard than I thought it was going to be.
Cutting out those letters, tying to make them look good and all about the same size took me awhile
! If you have a fancy machine then it would be a very simiply project!

I just drew the letters on the fabric with pencil, then cut them out.
Pretty old school!
I cut 6 squares of burlap all the same size and then stichted one letter to each piece of burlap!
I sew'd as close to the edge as I could so it would have just a small touch of natural fray!
 I also stiched around the burlap.
Then I laid them out on the floor the spacing I wanted them
(after we measured the wall where it would hang)
pinned the ribbon and stitched.

To hang it we used to glass knobs,
similar to the ones that are on her dresser,
again its all in the little details!
Then I hung this little pink bird on the knob to keep an eye on her while she sleeps.

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