Sunday, June 26, 2011

Night Stand

In our room redo things have been moved around, and moved out of the room.
All this rearranging left Alex with no night stand.
No good since we both always go to be with drinks and our Ipad/Ipod!
So he needed one.
He picked this up off the side of the road for free a few weeks back.

It is real wood which is always a must for our funiture projects.
I had just been telling my mother in law how I felt like I needed a brightly colored piece of funtire,
this was the prefect exuse!

I used left over yellow paint (from the playroom mural)
It was the usual clean, remove hardware, sand, paint, repaint!

Bought some simple black knobs at Home Depo.
Alex says that it will help to wake him right up each morning!
So it's a little bright,
 oh well!
 It was free and I like a little sha-bam every once in awhile!
It's just paint! lol!

Oh the drawers are actaully not my paint job.
I let Nathan paint them since he showed such an interest in painting
(read about his paint experiment here)

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