Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Burlap Christmas Pillow

I realize it's pretty much Christmas, but I'm going to try to squeeze in a few Christmas posts about some decor and outfits I've made! First is a Christmas pillow. Burlap, gighgam and red goodness folks! Alex thinks this is a totally stupid pillow since it's not usable. He doesn't understand decorating! I also made a "Merry" one but once I saw how long this one was I decided it was enough. Maybe next year I'll stuff it and use them both. One on each couch in the living room maybe?

Funny story, I tired to paint these really fast while both kids were awake. Bad idea, in my hasty get it done state I misspelled Christmas. Yeah huge craft fail and total retard I know! Do any of you ever do stuff that you look at and think "wow what a retard"? Alex thought it was pretty funny!

I made Sydney her Christmas outfit today, now she has one for Christmas Eve and Day, I'll post them both this week. Random off topic note tomorrow she will be one! Really tonight while I'm sleeping she will officially be one. Wow! It's so bittersweet. Look out for a totally sappy momma post about my baby girl tomorrow!

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  1. everytime I write Christmas I have to stop and pay attentiong to make sure I don't write Christal... lol