Sunday, December 11, 2011

Race Track Place Mat

First I'd like to say Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us since my last post. I never realized so many people actually read what I wrote here! It means so much to have my inbox flooded with loving words for us. We greatly appreciate all your prayers for Sydney and will post at the end of the week, when we are happily celebrating her 1st Birthday! Thank you, Thank you. Thank you.

Although things are crazy right now, I'm still trying to sew! Sewing is "my thing" and allows me time to focus on something other then everything! Plus I still have a few Christmas and party things to whip up! One in particular for an amazing friend that I'm excited to share with you! (After I give it to her of course) So I'll continue with the sewing posts, because that's who I am!
We are so blessed that most all our family lives close. Nathan and Sydney get to see both sets of grandparents and a great grandma almost every week! It's truly a wonderful thing, that I never realized would mean so much to me until I actually had kids. We often times go out to eat with my in laws. Restaurants and 3 year old are a bit difficult at times. Although I will admit that Nathan is one of the best behaved 3 year old I know (so I may be a bit biased) but seriously he is one well behaved kid 90% of the time. So to ease the wait time in restaurants I whipped up this little race track place mat for him! It has a figure 8 race track, little "garages" or slots for his cars, and rolls up to fit nicely in my diaper bag or purse! A funny twist is that it seems to entertain the grandpas and daddy just as much as it does Nathan!

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