Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It truly is a magical place! We went on Friday, and what a great day we had! It was one of those days were we were celebrating how wonderful our kids, and our lives are. We have been so blessed. We let Nathan have the treats he asked for and just enjoyed time together, watching his face light up at meeting Mickey, riding rides, seeing Goofy in the parade, hearing Buzzs voice from around the corner and the excitement when we round that corner and there he is! Wonderful! That glow of excitement in his little face. Just wonderful!

Sydney slept for a good chunk of the time. She rode a few rides, but for the most part we just watched. Next year she will be right there with Nathan though! Nathan is so cute, the thinks he asked for were popcorn, a churro, and a Mickey balloon. But once we got to the women selling the balloons he decided that he would rather a Buzz balloon, Buzz it was! And while he and daddy rode autotopia, Sydney and I shopped and purchased one large lollipop for him! Which might I add lasted for the better half of the day! Well worth the 3.95! He also asked to paint his face, which is something he has asked for a few times, yet it never seems to work out. Either he is asleep in his stroller when we get to the face painting (LegoLand) or they are closed (Wild Animal Park) or we just can't seem to find someone to paint his face (this Dland trip) he forgot though. So when we are finally able to get his face painted it will be all the more exciting to him!

All in all, in was a wonderful day! Family time truly is the best! It saddens me that Nathan is growing up so fast, but days like that make me realize just how special each and every stage is.

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