Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Table Skirt!!

Around these parts we put on Christmas tree on a card table, simply because if we didn't Sydney would terrizore it! We started doing this Nathans 2nd Christmas, he was just over a year, walking and getting into everything. So it seemed wise to put it up on the table out of his reach. He never showed much interest in messing with it, like I've said before he really is a well behaved kid when he wants to be!

Sydney... she is one little girl on a mission! She loves to just get into things! She does it, then looks at you, smiles and conutines! She is going to give us a run for our money for sure! But we wouldn't have it any other way! She adds great balance to our lives! It's really fun to see the differences in their personalitlies!

The past few years I have just wrapped the table with red satin fabric, and tossed the tree skirt on top. It worked well, required minimal effort on my part, and looked nice! Easy peasy! But sometime between this Christmas and last Christmas I cut up and used that red satin fabric! While standing in line at the cut table on black friday at JoAnns ( you better bet I was waiting in line outside JoAnns at 5:50am on Black Friday) I was talking to another mom who was there for the felt on sale. She was planning on making something like

or this

 But instead of for a card table she was going to put in on her sons bunk beds! I thought it was a great idea! No huge play tent in their room, yet the fun of imigitve play was still there, and made their beds fort like! Awesome!

It got my wheels turning on felt. We don't need a card table play house, we have a nice sturdy casltle play structure and a sturdy tentin the playroom. So no need for anything more of the sort. Then Alex had mentioned getting our tree the following day. We rearranged and got out the card table for the tree. Then I remembered, I used my red satin table covering fabric...a felt tent. But this one would be different too! I didn't want the kids playing under the table the tree was atop, that would be a reciepe for diaster! So I would sew it tight down all for coners so they wouldn't be able to get in under it! I brain stormed ideas of North Pole sense, and Christmas sense. Then remeber seeing so felt cut outs at the Dollar Tree early in the week.

Sydney and I woke up Saturday morning and headed to the Dollar Tree and JoAnns. We picked up lots of fun felt and foam cut outs, then headed to JoAnns for the felt that would make up the four pannels and the top panel.

I simply measured the table, cut a panel for each side, then laid out my senses. Pin and stitch. For the foam pieces I had to place some tiusses paper over it then stitch. Don't worry you can rip it off and you'll never know it was there! Once you have all 4 panels stitiched. Sew all four sides togther, them take the
"top" peice and stitich it one piece at a time until you have a "tent". Slip it over your table and admire your awesome work!

I added color under some of the cut outs for extra pop.

I love the way my turned out! And everyone who has walked into my house has commented on it! It really was a pretty simply project that I spent about 3-4 hours on. But we will use it for the next few years! I love it! What do you think? Would you make something similar for your tree? Or better yet how to you project your tree from babies who are too young to understand, yet old enough to get into it!?

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