Saturday, April 9, 2011

Momma Lesson #482

Spring spruce up is in full motion around here!
And I'm lovin it!
Today I painted a desk that houses our computer.
It was a stained wood
and well... ugly!
So I painted it white!
It looks great now, and tomorrow I'll show you!
I used an oil based paint for this project.
I painted while Sydney napped and Nathan happily played outside with Duke and his tractors.
When Sydney woke up
I set the roller down in the pan (filled with white oil based paint)
checked on Nathan, he was still playing in the grass a crossed the driveway.
So I ran inside to grab Sydney.
I changed her, grabbed the bouncer and headed back out.
Let me just add that Alex was in the grass working on his golf cart.
I rounded the concer headed outside and there was
Nathan roll painting my black car with oil based white paint.
The car Alex just bought me for Christmas!
I screamed, ran outside and Nathan said "mamas car pretty now"
Al came running over and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw!
In those few short minutes in took me to change Sydney
he hit both sides and the back plus all four tires.
I didn't grab a picture before we frantically starting scrubbing it off with gasoline.
But now I wish I had!
The beauty (and bummer) in oil based is it doesn't wash off with water!
Thankfully we were able to get in all off with gasoline.
Except the treads of the tires,
which is fine by me all things considered!
Momma lesson of the day: Never ever ever leave a toddler alone with paint near you car. Ever!

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