Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bath tub Glow Sticks

This has been a crazy few months for us.
 Alex's work is hectic and busy, which has resulted in numerous 14 hour days,
and on top of that he is going to school right now.
So...we have been seeing Daddy a lot less then we would like to.
 I've been trying to come up with creative and fun ways to keep Nathan busy, and not missing daddy!
 My father in law sent up a few packages of glow sticks
he picked up at Home Depo that he thought Nathan might like.
I got to thinking about fun stuff we could do with them.
Some nights it's a bit difficult to get Nathan to take a bath.
He is no fool, he knows that bath time is the start of his bed time routine!
Alex usually bathes him so that makes it twice as hard for me some nights,
because he realizes that he will definitely not be seeing daddy today.
As any mom knows, that can go downhill fast.
So, the other night I filled up the bath tub, turned off the lights and tossed in 5 or 6 glow sticks!
When Nathan came in he was amazed at the fun glowing tub, he couldn't get in fast enough!
He played in there for a long time with them!
It was a hit!
 It will be a special treat I do for him every once in a while.
I've seen glow sticks in the dollar spot at Target before and even at the Dollar Tree if you want to try!

I'm working on my photography skills!


  1. gaaaaaaah, I clicked on you page to see the glow sticks, and I realized it says October 16, you silly mommy :)

  2. you should look at michaels craft store....they sell a tube of the skinny ones for a dollar and i think you get 50. Great idea!