Thursday, October 27, 2011

Macadamia Nuts...

Macadamia nuts?
Who knew that those brown & green "ball" things that Nathan is always playing
 with on the back bank were actually macadamia nuts!
Alex's favorite nut!

The other afternoon Nathan was playing out back like always,
when Alex noticed that Nathan had some form of a nut in a pile.
 Upon further inspection we discovered that they were indeed macadamia nuts.
And that there is a tree full of them at the top of the bank!

Who knew!
This yard we bought has been so plentiful!
We are always finding new and exciting things!
Even after almost 3 years of being here!
It's become our little farm!
We're loving it!
To read more about our "farm"  check here & here.

So I think that I'll look up recipes with macadamia nuts,
I know that I'll be making chocolate covered ones. 
 What other options are there?

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