Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Baby Leg Warmers

Sydney started crawling a few months where is time going!?
She just wants to go where Nathan is!
 She has become a very fast crawler,
the down side is our house has wood and tile as well as carpet floors.
Her little knees where getting so red all the time that I felt bad.
 I looked into Baby legs, but they just seemed pricey to me.
What can I say I'm cheap! So i restored to a little DIY.
This is by no means "my" idea and I'm sure millions of moms have been making these in their own ways for ever! This is just how I did ours.
So that being said, if you have a crawler and hard floors,
this was a super quick and easy project!
First I went to target and grabbed a few pairs of knee high women's socks.

Then I cut it at the ankle, above and below the heel, and then right at the toes!

at this point you can toss the "heel" and the "toe" pieces

Then take the middle piece of the foot, fold it on itself in half

Now take it (folded like so) and slip it over the bottom of the leg of the sock.

Then just stitch it with a simple straight stitch all the way around,
make sure to catch all four layers. And that's that you're finished!
See super easy!
Slip them on your crawler and away they go!


  1. LOVE LOVE! Are these on your etsy account? I'm going to forward your page to Stellas mom. She would look so cute in them!!

  2. They are not but I would love to make her a custom order!

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