Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Anthropologie

I love you!
Really I do, you are full of wonderful beauty.
I could browse you for hours on end, and spend... well lets not go there!
  I go there for inspiration, knocking your beauty off is a fabulous pass time.
 It is rare that I actually buy things, but I have been eyeing this adorable egg dish for months.

Since we got the chickens I've been thinking that I needed it.
You know cute country charm!
My aunt gave me a gift card, so why not!
It was $14.99, that's all i purchased.
I strolled out happy as a calm, adorable sky blue egg crate in hand.
Fast forward to today.
Today I met my mom for lunch, and after lunch we walked a crossed the street to Ross.
Ross is such a hit or miss, but today while strolling the "kitchen" aisle,
there it was a stack of 5-6 ...
my egg dish!
The egg dish I just bought from ANTHROPOLGIE yesterday for $14.99.
There it sat on the Ross shelf with a $2.99 price tag!
The EXACT same dish.
I could have died!

So lesson learned Ross and Anthro at times carry the same items!
I'll be headed back to Anthro tomorrow to return my $14.99 egg dish,
 which has been replace by a $2.99 one!
It's seriously the exact same dish, both have the same stamp on the bottom.
Anthro I still love you, but I'm a bit let down.
I'll browse you again, but for now I'll watch the Ross shelves with a much wider eye.


  1. Ross it such a hit or miss store! Sometimes they have some pretty awesome stuff though!

  2. Dude! Which Ross did you find it at?!?!? I just entered a giveaway on a blog a few weeks back for the same dish and of course didn't win, ha!

  3. Leanne, the new one in Escondido. But check your store. There were six at that one. I bought one, my mom got one & I grabbed one for Penny.All for $10 aahhh, I got ripped at Anthro!