Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Sydney a Bathing Suit

The first question Alex asked me when I made this was "Why did you make her a swimsuit? Wont' she out grow it before summer?" Probably true since it came out a bit tighter then I had hoped but of well! It was a learning experience and I'm really happy with it!

First of all I've been wanting to make her a suit, but finding swimsuit material proved much harder then anticipated. But I walked into Walmart one day and right there in front of me was clearance plus sized women swimwear...are you following me? Hello 3xl booty short biniki bottoms for $3! I tossed a few colors in our cart and happily went on my way! The cashier looked at me a bit funny, but I was excited!

In usual pattern making fashion I traced a gymboree suit she already had (read about pattern making here) and set out!

The seams on the suit made it a lit difficult to get two good pieces out of one, so I left one seam as an under the boobs seam!

Sewing with the swimsuit material was actually a breeze! I was fully prepared to mess with settings and get frustrated, but it sewed up in normal setting like a dream! I made the suit itself from one biniki bottom and the ruffles were from another, the neck tie is the side ties of the original bottoms!

So now I'm on the hunt for adorable swimsuit prints so I can make her more!


  1. love red heads I want to get her naked and have "playtime"