Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines Hat

My husbands aunt knits, and she has made Nathan more hats then I can count in his 3 years. She is really good, and has tons of books that I have picked patterns out of for said hats.

She made this hat for Nathan's 2nd Valentines day. Simply, not too girly, just enough for the holiday spirit on a young toddler. I recently cleaned out Nathans closet and fell back in love with  a lot of his hats. I tried some on Sydney and this one fit nicely. I thought it would be a cute Valentines hat for her too! I felt good about giving it a second chance at life, and I knew our Aunt Terry would love to see her wear it!

I felt like it needed a little something more, a touch of feminine beauty! So I made this somewhat large white felt flower! It was really simple and went faster then I had expected! Love that!

I have been sewing like crazy! I need to get better about taking pictures as I finish a project! I can't wait to show you the BATHING SUIT I made Sydney yesterday!

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