Monday, March 12, 2012

Go Vote at So You Think You're Crafty!!!

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was amazing! I had a wonderful one! Complete with a baby shower and dinner at a close friends house, shooting "clays" which is pretty hard! And of course lovely family time! Perfection!

Any way the topic for the day So You Think You're Crafty. It's a fun blog that host a crafty competition every 10-12 weeks. 10 Crafters, 10 Weeks, 10 Crafts! Each week they give you a theme and the Internet votes, the one with the least votes "goes home". Well they invite 11 women to audition for a spot in the 10, I was invited! And guess what it's time to vote! So head on over and have a look at all the wonderful projects that were submitted and see if you can guess which is mine! I can't say, gotta keep it fair!

So vote for your favorite and at the end of the week I'll announce which is mine!

Thanks for the support!!

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