Monday, March 19, 2012

My Audition Project was...

Well as you know I was a contestant in the So You Think You're Crafty Season 11 Auditions. While it was suppose to be a secret which project was yours until the polls closed. Well they are closed and we placed 5th out of 11. I loved my project! It was the prefect excuse to get the ball rolling on something we have needed for like...well the whole time we have owned this house. It was a family effort, my dad got handy with the jigsaw for the leg cut outs and the top, Alex cut out the 'drawers' I painted and sewed the curtains, and it was my idea! wink wink! So here it is Sydney's Closet Doors!!!

 For my audition project I thought I would make something that my house really needs, and would serve a long lasting purpose. All of our closets are lacking closet doors, horrible I know! So I decided that I would make my daughter some stylish doors!

They are meant to look like an armorie, not just a plain ol' closet.
How did we do?

The 'legs' are just barely off the ground (since they swing open)
My dad used a jigsaw to cut out all the details on the bottom.

The 'curtains' are a pink and white check.
 I wanted them to be subtle so they didn't clash with the other prints in her room.

The knobs are glass with bubbles in them.
Blue is a to tie into the blue accents found else where in her room.

So was my audition!
We placed 5th out of 11!
From here on out it's a project a week with a given theme, until we are voted out.



  1. such a cute idea for closet doors!!!


  2. Well I thought it was an amazing idea, and 5th out of 11 is not bad!! I've never seen any closet like it before. You did awesome :)