Friday, March 23, 2012

Ruffled Yoke Shirt

This shirt was a labor! It took a lot longer then it normally takes me to make a shirt but i love the details! The ruffled yoke idea is from pinterest. The double bias taped back was for added details. The snaps were because Alex said no buttons! He hates messing with buttons while dressing or undressing her!

I used a simple t shirt as my guide,  (you can read about that here) lengthened the arms to a quarter sleeve, and curved the neckline slightly to accommodate the ruffles.  Without making it seem like they were chocking her!

The back is a double bias tape feature with a snap closure. I made the bias tape from a vintage sheet I had lying around, the ruffles from it also.

Sydney looks darling in it, so it was worth the extra effort! Making this shirt remined me how much little details really make it! Note to self to make more detail stuff!  It's great for this unpredictable spring weather we've been having! I plan to mess around with this design more, I love the idea of making something more then just dresses for Sydney!

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