Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage Napkin Dress

I've  mentioned before that I have a small thing for vintage linens. Well the other night I sorted through said stash of vintage textile, and well lets just say that stash is rather large! Time to start using some of it! But the thing is I feel bad cutting some of it up, someone worked so hard on it. I mean I am cutting it up to give it a new life, and getting it out of the drawer and back in the spot light, but i still feel bad if I don't use it all.

I was looking at the napkins wondering what I could do with them, an apron came to mind like this one, a skirt, or a purse. Then I thought it looked about the right size to be the front panel of a dress for Sydney. I busted out The Bella Dress pattern that I used to make this dress and was able to use all of the detail from the napkin, some of a vintage sheet (for the back panel) and just a small bit of store bought pink fabric for the shelves!

I must say I really love The Bella Dress pattern! I have used it a ton! It's super easy, great for a new sewer and the possibilities are endless with it!

This new napkin dress is prefect for spring!!

She just wanted to stay outside!

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