Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sewing Labels

Sewing labels are something I've wanted for a long time, honestly I have no idea why! I just like the idea of putting my name on my work, even if I usually only sew for family and clsoe friends! Either way I wanted them!

I pinned a few DIY label ideas, and looked into a few places to have them printed. Most that I looked at were too pricey for my needs (or lack there of). Alex didn't feel like making them was a worth while thing, so I searched Etsy and found a company. The shipping was pretty slow but over all I really like my labels! The price was right, they were running a specail were I got an extra hundred free, and they seem to be a really good qaulity!

All in all i'm really happy with my new Sew Ronimo labels!

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