Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY Ruffle Jeans

Have I mentioned it's great to be blogging about my sewing again!

These jeans are the cheap side of me coming out, along with the side of me that wants S to be the most fashion baby girl in town! She is very petite (lucky her huh) but with that comes its share of problems. Some of which are in her clothing. She is 16 months old and still rocking 6 month clothes for everything but jackets and pants. Because she is the right height for her age, which makes jackets and pants seem too short! I've tried 9 month pants and they are just too baggy! I don't like the way they look on her. So I got crafty and added eye lit trim to the bottom of her jeans! It added a good inch and a half to the length! Since it's spring and she is 16 months old I was not about to buy her new 6 month jeans! Low and behold her new (old) jeans!

Disclaimer: This is in no way my idea and I'm sure moms everywhere have been doing this since before I was even born!

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  1. Too cute! And a great way to make those pants last a little longer. Once it warms up a bit more, you can cut them off and make shorts. :-)