Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well Day 1 of Kids Clothing Week Challenge went great! Both the kids actually napped at the same time for a decent amount of time. I was able to get a whole project completed, and it was the only one that I hadn't cut out ahead of time. I used these great Hurley men's board shorts I picked up at good will to make Nathan some board shorts!

 A simple refashion! I love the finished product! It wasn't to difficult and the board short material was great to work with on the serger and sewing machine!

All I did was trace a pair of swim shorts he has from Target for a pattern. I also took the pocket off entirely, would was so big it would have looked silly on Nathan! Lastly I took the tie closure off and reattached it to the mini versions so they looked more like they were actually un tampered with Hurley trunks! Not goodwill mommy hack job! :)

So tell me, are you sewing along too? I'd love to hear from you if you are!

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