Friday, January 27, 2012

Antrho Shirt Refashioned

Hey y'all! I started off the new year off by cleaning out my closet. Lets face it, I've had two kids, my body has changed so why am I still hanging on to some things?! I donated most of it, aside from a few things that I thought I could refashion. I had a few Anthropologie tops that I just couldn't stand to give to the Goodwill. I decided to refashion this one into a skirt for my little (both in size and age) sister.

Sorry for the crappy before picture, I was in a rush.

It was a pretty simply refashion. All I did was cut it right below the armpits.
Did a basting stitch at the top so I could gather it ever so slightly, then sewed it to some elastic that I had guesstimated to be her size. Naturally she was even smaller than I guess and it's a bit lose! Oh well!

So that's that! Anthro shirt refashioned to a spring skirt!

Does anybody else have a  killer head cold right now? Ah!

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