Friday, January 13, 2012

Sydney Christmas Outfit!

Finally! I'm able to sit down and say hello to the bloggy world! How are you guys? I've missed you!

We had a great, and busy holiday season! Everything was wonderful and we are so spoiled! Our Christmas Eve and Day are filled with family, fun, love and food! We ate too much, laughed, and enjoyed time together. We also celebrated 3 birthdays over the holidays, Sydney on the 21st, my father in law Chris on Christmas Eve, and Alex on Jan 7th! Busy time of year!

Now Alex is back to work after two and a half weeks off and things are starting to return to normal around here. Getting back into our routine again has been so nice. They say routine is good for the kids, but this momma needs the routine just as much as they do! And now that our lives have returned to the normal everyday, my sewing machine and I have grand plans to reconnect after such a long break.

I realize it is a bit, okay totally late, but I wrote the next section of this post before Christmas, and never got around to actually publishing it. But I still want to show you one of Sydney's 3 Christmas outfit! So I hope you don't mind a few pictures of it!

So we do with Christmas celebrations over the two days! Christmas eve at my Grandma's with my dads whole family, Christmas Day Brunch at my parent's house with my mom's family, and then Christmas Dinner with my inlaw family! Busy! So the kids need two outfits, one for each day. Sydney ended up with 3 actually, one for each celebratory stop! A dress that she wore in her Santa picture, a skirt with candy cane leg warmers, and a black and white damask dress with a red satin sash. She is so small I love how little fabric it takes to cover her little body!

Ok I have no clue why but I can't seem to upload pictures, I've tried for 3 days to upload pictures to this post and it's just not working. Sad! So I guess if and when I ever get it working I'll show you her outfits. Until then..

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