Monday, January 23, 2012

Sydney 3 button boots

These boots are my favorite project of the month. Easily! So stickin cute! I can't wait to make more, in different colors and fabrics!

Funny story about these particular ones. So I was at the GoodWill looking for fun stuff when I came a crossed this SWEET men's sports coat. Extra large, and in a brown and tan hounds tooth! I though to myself this thing is awesome why would anybody throw it out! One mans trash, another mans treasure!So I bring it home and Alex says 'That things is horrible, what are you doing with THAT'.  I thought about it again and still loved it! So I proceeded to tell him that I was going to make boots out of it! He thought I was crazy and that was the end of that! Not the first time, not going to be the last time!

So, anyway I bought this pattern during one of their sales for $1.50! Sweet! I would recommend it to any one who is about an intermediate sewer. It wasn't hard per say, but it was small so it required attention to detail and a lot of focus. The pattern itself was really well put together and easy to follow.

I made Sydney the 9-12 month size and they are a little to wide around her little leg. But that is to be expected with her! It came with an alternate front flap so I'll try that with the next pair!

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