Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eggs Eggs Eggs

Our chickens that I wrote about here, are now turning out 4 eggs a day! Wowa! They have really been a great buy, Nathan loves them! He checks daily for eggs and even has his own egg basket to bring the eggs back up to the house in! He was putting them in his jean pockets! I'm shocked he didn't break any!

His very first egg!!

We just took an old Easter basket that was a stuffed dragon, and cut up an egg carton to fit in it. He has room for 6 eggs in his basket. Hopefully all 6 chicken don't start laying daily! That would be a lot of eggs!

So in the spirit of using more eggs, I"ve been baking! Sydney eats eggs for breakfast every morning and Nathan will a few times a week, but they just can't keep up!

I made these tonight, I've got to say they were nothing to write home about. Bummer!

These cookies however were a hit! I made two batches in one week! Before you think we are huge fatties, let me tell you that our house is a very busy place! We have a visitor (usually a few) every other day! We love it! But it sure makes the cookies go fast! Now go make yourself some yummy cookies!

What I Nathan didn't give a cookie!

Or maybe he did!

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