Monday, January 30, 2012

Sewing with Knits Dress

I think I may have mentioned it once before, but I recently learned how to draft my own patterns! And wow! What a world it has opened up for me! I'm having a lot of fun making the kids clothes. I feel a bit bad, I sew so much more for Sydney than Nathan. Do you have any suggestions for boy things I can sew him?

I have also recently starting sewing with knits! And you know what, they are not bad at all! Why do they make it out to be such a big deal? Knits are so much more comfortable for them to wear, and it's a total thrift store up cycle fun hunt! I"ve up cycled two shirts for Nathan, and a few things for Sydney. Fabric stores don't seem to sell too many fun prints in knits, so it's all about up cycling old stuff!

Here is a dress i made Sydney. The top (stripes) are from a knit shirt I got at Target on clearance for just a few dollars. It was an XXL so I can easily get one or two more shirts out of it for her!

bottom is a quilters cotton. I actually adds  a little too much weight to the knit, it seems to droop a bit. But all in all I like it!


  1. Sydney is such a cutie!! How about you draft me up a really cute apron pattern! Haha :)

  2. Thank you! And I'll see what I can do!

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