Monday, November 21, 2011

A dress...

I'm really into the idea of making my kids clothes right now!
So hopefully enough of them look presentable enough for me to blog about!
So far I've made Sydney 3 different style dresses, not counting this one.
Which by the way was a craft fail!
Yup I admitted it!
A craft fail! lol Oh well they happen!!
Any way back to the new dress. I'm having a lot of fun with making dresses right now.
With a simply pattern the possibilities are endless!
Browsing Etsy and fabric shops online, my wheels are turning fast then my needle can sew! 
This is my favorite one so far!
I had to use the 3 month pattern and just lengthened it.
Sydney is so tiny but so long!
Since she can't stand on her own yet it's hard to tell that it is a dress,
but I promise it is!

She wasn't in much of a modeling mood!

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