Monday, November 28, 2011

Another dress!

I'm on a sewing kick! I've decided that I go through phases, sewing, crafting, thirfting, and just sitting around looking at blogs and pintrest! lol Right now it's a sewing kick! And each time I get one, I'm reminded how much I really love to sew! It truly is a passion and I hope I can continue to grow my skills as a seamstress. Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm having a lot of fun with dresses for Sydney right now. But let me tell you that most patterns don't seem to fit her, does anyone else have that problem? I mean I know that she is small, but I would for sure think that a 3 month pattern would fit my 11 month old!

Anyway, this dress was ssoo easy it's one piece! Yup one piece! Super easy! You just cut the same pattern piece out twice from two coordinating fabrics and sew! Then add a few buttons! Viola! Gosh I love easy! Instant gratification is the best! For this particular dress I used a  cotton (the dots) and then a flannel (the inner pink) since it's winter here and I want to make it in her size now! The pattern says it's reviser able, but since I made the buttons non functioning , it would look a little silly! But with actual working buttons it would totally be! So a super easy pattern, that produces two dresses! Love!

Do you spy Duke Dog?!

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