Sunday, November 27, 2011


I took these last few days off from blogging to enjoy time with my husband and kids! It's been a great week, our Thanksgiving was wonderful! We truly have so much to be thankful for. I couldn't have dreamt of a better life to create with Alex. I live in bliss! But don't be fooled, there are always a few bumps along any blissful road.

My sweet little Sydney has come down with dual ear infections, again. She seems to get them really bad, this time is no exception. We were unable to see our normal ped on Friday, so I saw another doctor in her practice. After looking at Sydney's ears she determined that they were so bad that she wanted to give Sydney a shot, the 1st of 3 to combat the infections. The catch was that it would take til the third shot (Sunday, one a day) to kick in, and since it was Friday I would have to drive her down to the only open clinic in San Diego each day this weekend for the following two shots. Well, Sydney is not a car fan, nor a shot fan. So we opted for oral meds and a visit with her normal pedictrican on Monday morning, since either way she was not going to be seeing much relief til then anyway. So that's the plan, we will meet with her doctor on Monday, and most likely get her set up for an "ear tubes" surgery.

I've had a really hard time with that, the thought of her under going surgery, but I feel now it may be for the best. It will help her to no longer be in pain, and that is my goal. It will be hard on me, but I'll be strong for her.

Aside from that I have been crafting a lot lately in seems. Alex home for 4 days gives me some free time! I plan to share my latest projects with you this week, but if I go MIA again it's because Sydney and I are doing our best to sleep whenever her little ears give her relief.

In fun news, Nathans Elf on the Shelf is here! He named him John! John seems to be working nicely! What a fun tradition! Our Christmas decor is up, as is our tree! Nathan is at an amazingly fun age for this holiday business! And I'm busy dreaming up Sydney's birthday party which is T-21 days. Hopefully she is well and the party can go on!

Long enough post? I think so! I'll leave you with a few teasers!

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