Thursday, November 3, 2011


I don't know why but I've been craving Ikea lately.
 Which is odd,
since I've only ever been there once,
and I didn't even buy anything!

So why am I craving it?
 I guess it's all the fun Ikea hacks I've been seeing everywhere.
It gets my creative juice flowing and makes me want to see what is there and what it can become.
 I haven't been having much luck in thrift stores lately.
No inspiration, no awesome pieces I can picture redone and in my house.
Maybe that's why, whatever the reason i need me some Ikea!
 The down side to this craving is Ikeas location.
 It's really not that fair, 40-45 minutes away.
 It's Sydney...she cries in the car,
making any drive longer then 10 minutes
So I guess I'll just have to look for inspiration else where. 


  1. i feel like there should be more IKEA's around..people love them!

  2. Have you been to Debrahs next to new in Escondido? It's next to wrangler. Also a place called granny's attic in Temecula, behind old town.

  3. Shaunnette i was stroll Deborahs when I go to JoAnns! Poor Nathan hates going in that shopping center cuz he knows it means thrifting and fabric shopping! Lol never been to the one in Temecula. I don't make it up there too often, miss Sydney HATES the car. So I stay closebto home :-( but I really want to go up ther some cuz I hear they just opened a Hobby Lobby!

  4. I had never heard of hobby lobby.....and then my sister took me.....Instant love affair....I wanted to buy everything! A ton of the stuff I see on Pinterest....I see there and my heads starts going a mile a minute...and how sad for me....I am moving up the street from their store! It will always be on my way home YAYA!! Trouble! haha