Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cable Knit DIY pillow

Have you seen all the fun sweater pillows floating around lately?
I'm in love with their winter feeling!
 I recently went to Fashion Valley and saw these lovely cable knit sweater pillows in Pottery Barn,
 and fell in love.

Then we spotted them in Restoration Hardware, 
then Anthropologie.
Love, and love again!
Needless to say all the above mentioned stores are lovely...their price tags,
 not so much.
I took a mental photo, and continued on.
 Fast forward a week, hello Salvation Army!
Now I don't know about the Salvation Army in your town,
 but it seems like every time I walk into the one in my town there is a giant white board with the words
 "40% off Store wide" or
"All clothes 50% off" or
"Buy one piece of clothing get one free"
you get the idea!
That place is just always on sale!
I love it!
It's a little dingy in there,
but hey I'm okay with that when the prices are right!
So, anyway it was a 40% off day, and I happened to stumble crossed a white cable knit sweater.
I quickly recalled all those pillows I had seen at the mall.
$2.99 and 40%, they were begging me to take it home!

It was pretty simple little project.

I chopped the arms off

(and saved them for anther pottery barn knock off coming soon)
then cut the neck line off,
and the bottom hem.
So I was left with a square, kinda!

Flip it inside out, sew a square, be sure to leave an opening for turning!
Turn, stuff, stitch hole shut,
 Easy Peasy Pottery Barn Cable Knit Pillow knock off!
 Don't you just love the power of DIY!

From this..

to this in just a few minutes!

Now go find some lovely item waiting for a new life at your Slavation Army!

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  1. Very cute....I cannot wait to get my sewing machine back....(the tension is messed up).....