Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sand Box

Nathan had a Beach themed Birthday Party
and what beach party is complete without sand?
So, I asked my handy father in law if he would mind whipping up a quick little box for me. 'Nothing fancy just a box with a floor that we could toss some sand in for the party.
He of course said sure!
 Then a week later he shows up with
this crazy impressive sand box!

It folds shut and when you open it the "lid" becomes a bench on either side!
It's so awesome!
Nathan loves it!
 It has seen tons of play time!
The best part is when he is do we just close the lid and that's that!

Please excuse the sand bag trash and Dolley!
Nathan was so excited, he jumped right in!


  1. that is neat! Very impressive!!!! No wonder where the hubby gets it!

  2. Quite the crafty family you have! Such a great idea!