Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mermaid Tails & Crab claws

Even before Sydney was born,
 I had dreamt of having a little mermaid to carry around on Halloween.
 Then she arrived and low and behold she had red hair, and blue eyes!
My little mermaid!
It was meant to be.
Her 1st All Hallows Eve she would be an adorable mermaid!
Fast forward 10 months.
 Nathan has a fish tank with a few fish and a "mean" crab.
He loves his crab!
And when it came time to pick a Halloween costume, Nathan declared that he wanted to be a crab! Well awesome!
 A mermaid and a crab!
They go well together!
So I set out to create their costumes.
Let me toss in that Nathan originally said crab, t
hen tiger,
then dragon,
then shark,
then dog,
and so on and so on!
He changed his mind way too often for one momma to keep up with!
 I stuck with the original crab idea and he seems to be happy with it!
 Both costumes were pretty simple to make.
I love Sydney's tail!
We have received numerous compliments on it in at the events she was worn it to.


  1. Aww..I would love to do a little photoshoot with these precious kiddos!

  2. You let me know when! I would love that!