Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Swap & Meet

Have you ever been to the swap meet? As a child my dad used to take my sister and I, we loved it. We would always come home with some little treasure! It was great! As I got older, I became a bit embarrassed of the swap meet. I somehow got the idea into my head that it was a "poor" persons thing. I started thinking this way about the thrift stores my mom liked to buy our clothes at too. I remember hoping no one would see us walking in, or worse out with bags of stuff these "second hand" stores as my mom would call them. Once we got to middle school, swap meets and second hand stores became a thing of the past.

Then in college Alex asked me one Saturday night if I wanted to go to the swap meet with him on Sunday morning. I laughed to myself and though. Wow! Really? You even know what the swap meet is?! I remembered all the fun memories I had of the swap meet, and said sure. We went the next morning and had fun! I don't even remember if we bought anything, but it was fun to be there! I learned that he had grown up going to the swap meet too. And that his family still goes every weekend!

Now thrifting is the thing to do! Maybe my parents were hip all along! Humm...maybe!

I still really enjoy the swap meet, and so does Nathan! We try to go as often as possible! If you've never been, go! It's like tons and tons of garge sales all in one place! It's fun, it's outside, it's quality family time! Who knows you might even find a treasure or two!

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