Monday, April 11, 2011

Dresser mini sized

Have you meet my husband Alex?

He's cute, funny, sweet, fun
and boy is he resourcful!
Our master bedroom is kinda small and our bed is kinda big!
So it made laying out our bedroom kinda tricky. We both have these dresser which were light wood

I painted them and bought knobs at anthro like 3 years ago, before we even moved here!
But those dresser are big,
I've wanted to condense to just one ever since we got here.
But it just wasn't working.
Our closet however is a decent size.
Alex suggested putting his dresser in there, but where?
Then he said well I can cut a drawer off and it will fit under the shelf!
Ok go for it!


What a stud huh!
It looks way better then
I thought it would!
And now when he gets ready at 4:45am he can go in the closet.
 CLOSE the door and everything he needs is in there with him!
I love thus guy!


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  3. You make some soo cute thing!! I am coming from simplysadiejane who also makes some awesome stuff. I really enjoyed you damask camera strap and your black and white keychain with a bright pink flower. Beautiful! Love your whole blog!