Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thrifty Chair tutorial

After rearranging our bedroom and eliminating a dresser
 we were left with
an empty corner screaming for a cute little chair.
I went out thrifty looking for a chair for that corner and night stands.
I found this...

 It was prefect because it was already yellow fabric!
 I loaded her up and headed home.
First I taped off the seat which sorta kinda took me forever!

Make sure you tape it really well, tape down every piece of newspaper
all the way around each piece, so no paint can get under.
Then grab yup....
 you guessed it spray paint!
I love spray paint!
Sprayed her down! Make sure to get all the cracks and angles,
 let it dry and repaint maybe even 3rd time if needed.
Two was enough for this chair but it varies with each project.

Now enjoy fruits of your labor!
Doesn't it look wonderful in that empty corner!

 I sewed up that pillow to fit and bring teal to that area!
Whatcha think??

I am still on the hunt for end tables!

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